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April 7th, World Health Day!

April 7th, World Health Day!
By the definition of WHO, health is the presence of physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of illness.
Let’s remind ourselves that World Health Day, celebrated on April 7th for 70 years on the suggestion of WHO, is approaching. 

Day meant to raise awareness about the importance of health. We should be dedicated to preserving our health daily, during our whole lifetime. 

Perhaps you find this topic ironic or even sarcastic at this moment of social reality, but we shouldn’t forget about it. We dealt with sicknesses and epidemics all the time in the past and so far have managed to get over them and survive as a population. That is the reason why we still have to preserve both our own and the health of our family and our entire society. 

Health, as well as sickness sometimes, maybe even now, is being taken for granted, as something God-given. Health should be cherished and preserved all life, and not only when being threatened by an epidemic. 

How to think about health preservation or live healthily at the time like this? We are being bombarded with many restrictions, strict instructions on social distance, hygiene, reducing unnecessary physical movements, changing habits. We have restricted unnecessary movements and gatherings and not everything is available to us at this time.

If we look at it more closely, only what has been known in recent centuries is strongly emphasized, and that is the necessity of regular and, on certain occasions, detailed body hygiene maintenance, washing clothes, cleaning the objects we use. Mainly, to take care of body hygiene, as well as of objects in use. It’s like we forgot to wash our hands before a meal, and many after using the toilet. We have too often used unnecessary and false social contacts, in our culture wildly spread handshakes, hugs, and kisses on various occasions. Often we needlessly approached and entered the so-called intimate zone, “getting in faces” of salespeople, public workers, etc,… Now we complain, because of health, for not being able to move, while until recently, shopping malls were crowded on weekends and we were not that much “one with nature. ” Gyms and closed space exercises were often put before nature. Alcohol and tobacco consumption was amongst the highest in the EU. Bakery products and “junk food” were highly desired with adolescents and young people, while more than 200.000 Croatian citizens suffer from diabetes. 

We weren’t leading healthy lives and now is the chance to think about it and set a standard for others in our own example. We should listen to our bodies and follow doctor's directions if we suffer from chronic diseases, and make regular checkups rarer. In the case of significant or sudden deterioration, you should not hesitate to consult a doctor.

By the definition of WHO, health is the presence of physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of illness. Therefore, apart from hygiene and social measures, we must support and encourage each other, show solidarity and social sensitivity for weaker, and mustn’t be selfish and buy groceries as if it’s the Judgement Day. Social network destruction, creating collectively negative emotions and panic is especially dangerous.

At this moment we must confront negative economic consequences of the epidemic, which includes long term fight for our health, and try to prepare for it.