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University Eye Hospital Svjetlost

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About Us
Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

Quality Guarantee

Based on the defined vision, which reads: "To be the leading ophthalmology clinic in the region with a price acceptable to the client and the owner, using the most modern achievements in medicine, particularly in ophthalmology",  the Director of the Special Hospital for Ophthalmology "Svjetlost" gives the following decision: 


We accept that the main values ​​that define the parameters of quality in our clinic are: dignity and people's satisfaction, choice and privacy, availability of premium health care, effectiveness and efficiency of our staff and departments.

We firmly believe that: 
  • Oriented approach towards patients;
  • Professional competence and ethics;
  • Professional responsibility;
  • A systematic approach to all activities;
  • Process approach to solving important problems, Teamwork;
  • Proper relationship with our suppliers;
  • Efficient management of all clinic's departments
are a prerequisite for the overall improvement of the quality of our services and the health care of our patients.

We believe that the professional responsibility and management liability are a commitment that leads to improving the quality of our services, with positive incentives, information use, professional training and competence and ethics of all employees in our eye clinic.

Special Hospital for Ophthalmology "Svjetlost" in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and other institutions will work on continuous improvement and enhancement of existing services that will be based on the acquisition of modern equipment, subspecialization of inventive young staff, arranging adequate working space and the expansion of clinical activities, which will be in accordance with the actual requirements, needs and expectations of our patients.

In all aspects of our activities we are at the level of the world's top medical institutions in order to achieve business excellence and continuous top quality medical care. The prerequisites for that are integrated information systems, excellent internal and external education of all employees, high awareness and ethics, respect for patients' rights to accurate information about prognosis, treatment modalities and risks, as well as modern logistics support for all processes in the clinic. 

Prof. PhD Nikica Gabrić