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Svjetlost Eye Clinic is holder of the highest solvency grade for 2018.

Svjetlost Eye Clinic is holder of the highest solvency grade for 2018.
Thanks to excellent business results, Svjetlost Eye Clinic is the holder of the highest solvency AAA grade 5 years in a row.
Zagreb, February 12 2019. – University Eye Hospital Svjetlost has received a valuable business excellence recognition- the highest AAA grade in accordance to international grading system for creditworthiness, being awarded by company Bisnode. Certificate is a proof of excellent business results of Svjetlost Eye Clinic in 2018.

Special Hospital for Ophthalmology Svjetlost has pleased all strict financial-analytical criteria 5th year in the row, thanks to the methodology unique to whole Europe area and has earned a right to become the holder of this international certificate of solvency excellence. Certificate is also a proof that we are inside the prestige group of 5% best businesses subjects in Croatia.

Solvency grade of excellence represents above-average creditworthiness value of the business subject. It is based on financial reports of the subject for the previous business year and  predicts  financial stability for the following 12 Months. This is the approval of long term methodical and quality work that that puts certificate holder to top of the domestic economy and face to face with EU companies because grading methodology and criteriums are equal.