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Lenses for perfect vision, regardless of age?

Lenses for perfect vision, regardless of age?
Tecnis Symfony intraocular lens is the first lens with an extended range of vision at all distances. Usually it is being implanted during the cataract surgery, but also to the people of any age who want to be set free from glasses.
The lens with an extended range of vision
The Symfony lens is the first intraocular lens in the world with an extended range of vision providing great vision without glasses at all distances (intermediate and near acuities - for example, computer and remote work). The patient doesn’t feel the implanted lens in the eye, it stays permanently and there is no need to change it.
Who is the lens intended for?
Lenses are most commonly implanted during cataract surgery, but also to the people who want to be independent of glasses or lenses after their forties.
Cataract surgery is the most common in ophthalmology during which our natural, blurred lenses are replaced with artificial lenses that restore good visibility. It’s only possible to implant monofocal or standard lenses which require using glasses, depending on astigmatism, (corneal curvature) when using the public health system.
Complete independence of glasses or lenses for people who don’t have cataract but are over 40 years old can be achieved only by implanting multifocal or intraocular lenses with extended visual acuity. Old age or reading dioptre (presbyopia) is an inevitable consequence of ageing. It occurs because our natural lens gets harder with years and muscle fibers responsible for its bending (and focusing the up-close objects) weaken.
Fast and painless surgery
The surgical procedure is fast, safe, painless and effective. The surgery lasts ten minutes per eye with local drop anaesthesia and the person goes home after the procedure. Patients opting to install Tecnis Symfony lenses due to dioptre correction usually receive both eye surgeries on the same day so that recovery and adaptation to the new lens are as fast as possible.

The Benefits of Symfony Lens
Special design of the lens is responsible for light refraction which prolongs the eye focus and results in an extended range of vision including distance, near and intermediate. It allows patients to read books or newspapers, cell phone messages, work on a computer, shave or apply make-up, watch TV, drive, do sports, etc. without a need for glasses.
Thanks to the achromatic technology, Tecnis Symfony provides better contrast sensitivity and image quality compared to the current lens so visual disturbances after surgery, such as light emitting, night-time driving lights and faded images are much less present. There is also a toric form of Tecnis Symfony lenses which solves astigmatism.
Symfony intraocular lens, thanks to its design, has made it possible for patients who previously undergone laser vision correction to be free from wearing glasses after cataract surgery. Also, for patients, the ones with lower visibility or milder form of macula can be candidates to get rid of eyeglasses with the help of this lens.
Svjetlost Eye clinic is among the first hospitals in Europe that started with the implantation of the latest intraocular lens with extended vision range. Together with 13 other European ophthalmology centres, Svjetlost Clinic participated in European Multicentric Clinic Study which followed up on the first results of Symfony lens implantation in 2014. We’ve put these lenses in our daily practice after excellent results and released thousands of people of visual aids so far.
Dr. Ante Barišić, head of the Department of Cataract