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​A book by Ivana Mravičić- Eye motility

​A book by Ivana Mravičić- Eye motility
Ivana Mravičić,MD,PhD wrote the Eye Motility.
The knowledge of Ivana Mravičić. MD, PhD has once again been confirmed by international success.
Mravičić,PhD edited the book Eye Motility, published in English language in London.
Ivana Mravičić, MD, PhD completed her specialization in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic under the guidance of Prof. PhD. Oliver Ehrt.
We are proud to present that the book Eye Motility is now available and contains all information about strabismus.
With the support of Prof. PhD. Gabrić and the professional and friendly support of Prof. PhD. Iva Dekaris, MD. PhD. Mravičić continues her professional career at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic.