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Another big international acknowledgment for the Svjetlost Clinic

Another big international acknowledgment for the Svjetlost Clinic
Svjetlost Clinic has won the second place in the category of the ‘International Eye Clinic of the Year’ at the IMTJ summit, which is one of the most relevant summits of health tourism in the world.
Opatija, April 27th 2017 - After receiving prizes in Cannes, Berlin and Milano, the Svjetlost Clinic has been at the International Medical Travel Journal – IMTJ, one of the most important summits of medical tourism in the world named as the world’s second best in the category "International Eye Clinic of the Year".

The city of Opatija has from 24th to 27th April hosted the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2017 organized by the International Medical Travel Journal and the company Intuition Communication from the UK in collaboration with the Cluster for medical tourism of the Kvarner region.

This summit was attended by top notch european experts in the field of medical tourism coming from over 45 countries of the world, and prizes have been given to the best ones who have shown most relevant results based on the work, knowledge and professionalism contributing in such a manner to the name and the reputation of its city, country and institution.

The Svjetlost Clinic has competed in the category "International Eye Clinic of the Year“ where it was proclaimed second best in the world. The only hospital which came before the Svjetlost Clinic was the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital from Dubai.

This is yet another big international award and recognition confirming the quality of the Svjetlost Clinic and its place in the world’s top ophthalmology clinics.