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Armand Assante: "I have come to Croatia to solve my vision problems!"

Armand Assante:
From New York movie set to Zagreb for an eye surgery
Zagreb, 17 October 2018 – American acting star Armand Assante visited Croatia to permanently solve his vision problems and have eye surgery performed at Svjetlost Eye Clinic. Instead of going to the large ophthalmology centre in the United States, Armand Assante entrusted the health of his eyes to Croatian experts and Nikica Gabrić, PhD, who personally operated him.

The American actor, known for his numerous roles in film blockbusters, selected Svjetlost Eye Clinic on the recommendation of Ivana Trump, the first wife of US President Donald Trump, and other American friends who also took care of their vision problems in Svjetlost Eye Clinic.

"I had four days free and I decided to come to Croatia exclusively because of top expert Nikica Gabrić, PhD, to solve my vision problems. I literally came right from the airport to Svjetlost Eye Clinic and in less than two hours I was examined and operated on. Now, I have perfect vision and can see better than at any time in the last 10 years“, said Armand Assante after the surgery.

This 69-year-old actor, whose career is imbued with numerous nominations and crowned with Emmy Award, has not stopped filming, confirming that he came to Zagreb directly from New York, where he is recording his new movie.

„In my business, 75 per cent of the time is spent reading, studying documents and movies, and my eyesight is getting worse. The eyes are the window to the soul of the world. That is why it was very important for me to decide whom I'm going to entrust my vision. Experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art technology provided by Svjetlost Eye Clinic and Nikica Gabrić, PhD, proved to be the best choice. The operation was fast, painless and I can see today without any problems. I'm sure that my eyesight will now help me to do my job better and more successfully, but also improve my everyday life“, added Assante.

“The arrival of Armand Assante is a great acknowledgement for our work so far and we see it as another confirmation that Svjetlost Eye Clinic has crossed the borders of Croatia and that it is globally recognized as a centre of excellence in ophthalmology. A well-known actor, who could operate his eyes anywhere in the world, came to us – to Zagreb, to Croatia. This fact will help us attract many other patients from abroad, and his satisfaction is further confirmation of the quality and the superior level of service we provide”, said Nikica Gabrić, PhD, founder and director of Svjetlost Eye Clinic, emphasizing that they implanted multifocal lenses in both of Armando Assante’s eyes that permanently solved his dioptre, as well as the initial cataract that had reduced his vision to 70 percent.

Svjetlost Eye Clinic is the only private clinic and the only university ophthalmology hospital in Croatia. Up till now, doctors at Svjetlost Eye Clinic have performed more than 125,000 eye surgeries of all types. Furthermore, Svjetlost Eye Clinic has recently been presented the Star Diamond Award in recognition of excellence in the field of ophthalmology, and it has been selected as the regional leader in diagnosis and treatment, with 20 years of experience in providing top quality services.