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​Cassandra Gava at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic

​Cassandra Gava at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic
Hollywood actress and producer arrived for the annual follow-up.
One year after the surgery at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic, Hollywood actress and producer Cassandra Gave has arrived for the annual follow-up to the Svjetlost Eye Clinic.

After multifocal intraocular lens implantation in both eyes, Ms. Gava can perfectly see at every distance, which has been confirmed by the team of the Svjetlost Eye Clinic.
Alongside with Krešimir Gabrić, MD, Cassandra has expressed how thrilled she is with the surgery and life without optical glasses. During this friendly conversation, she has stressed the wish from the Hollywood stars to follow the example and to arrive for the ophthalmology treatments and surgeries to the Svjetlost Eye Clinic.

Once again, we were pleased and proud of hearing about the status Svjetlost has in the world.