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From Svjetlost Clinic to the World

From Svjetlost Clinic to the World
Live Surgery at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic and details about the most important ophthalmologic event.
From the Svjetlost Clinic in Zagreb, 9 surgical procedures were broadcast live to 40 countries.

During two afternoon hours on November 24th, 2020 in Svjetlost Eye Clinic in Zagreb, a team of doctors led by Professor Gabric, PhD, MD, performed 9 complex surgical procedures demonstrating the latest techniques and materials in ophthalmology.

The very virtual congress was organized by Johnson & Johnson company, which, according to Fortune magazine, has been on the list of the most innovative companies in the world for 18 years, and has been in first place in the field of medical innovation for 7 years in a row.

Johnson & Jonhson has in the words of Thomas Mullner, the director for the Central Europe region, decided to organize the world premiere of the new Synergy Toric intraocular lens which corrects astigmatism in addition to near and far diopters, in cooperation with the Svjetlost Clinic. It is an upgrade to the Synergy lens that was introduced last year. With 1300 implantations, Svjetlost Eye Clinic is absolutely the first center in the world, and Professor Gabric, PhD, MD with personally 800 implant procedures done, individually the most experienced surgeon in the world for that lens.

Picture 1: Professor Gabric, PhD during Synergy intraocular lens implantation

The congress was watched by over 800 doctors from 40 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, Morocco, and many others.
In addition to being able to watch 9 surgeries live the virtual participants were able to ask surgeons about their personal experience with these lenses and the techniques of operations they use, but the greatest interest of the participants was for the personal experience of Professor Gabrić who has this lens implanted into his eye.


Picture 2: Professor Gabric, PhD and Professor Iva Dekaris, PhD during the conversation with participants

"I operated on many celebrities from Ivana Trump, Franco Nero, Armand Assante, Lepa Brena, Neda Ukraden, Tim Roth, half of the politicians from the region… But when the time came for my operation I have chosen Synergy. In my other eye, I already have Symfony, which is the last generation of Johnson lenses, and 13 years ago I removed my diopter with a laser. The rule in Svjetlost is that we never offer patients a procedure or technology that we do not believe in ourselves. ” Professor Gabric, PhD explained.

During the convention is shown, besides Synergy Toric, also the use of advanced laser for lens surgery, 3D visualization, OCT guided vitreoretinal surgery, and Femtosecond laser diopter removal. The convention itself is proof of the top quality of Svjetlost Eye Clinic on the global scale because the global company could choose any other center in the world for an event like this.

„20 years ago we went to congresses maintained worldwide to be able to see what is new and bring that into Croatia. 5 years ago we started getting new technologies and presenting them to colleagues on congresses, and today the world is watching Croatia and Svjetlost to see what is new and innovative in ophthalmology. That makes me so very proud.“ - said Professor Iva Dekaris, PhD who was the moderator of the event and medical director of Svjetlost Eye Clinic, and also president of European Eye Bank Association (EEBA).

Picture no. 3: Professor Ratimir Lazic, PhD vitreoretinal surgeon answering questions about an operation in the company of Professor Iva Dekaris, PhD medical director of Svjetlost Eye Clinic.

„We already have experience. We have already participated in similar live surgery events, where we also received an Oscar in 2015 at the convention in Milan by the decision of the jury and the audience. Several centers participated at the time and we had satellite transmission from Zagreb. My opinion is that because of COVID-19 this way of education will last for a while, and today we have shown that we know how to make a global event, and to show the attractive and interesting way best there is in ophthalmology. We have already been contacted by two big companies because they want us to do a similar event for them. With this, Croatian medicine has been put in the foreground by quality, and we are the ones who transfer knowledge.“ – concluded Ante Barišić, MD who was in charge of the technical aspect of the event.

Svjetlost exists for 23 years, today it employs more than 250 people, of which as many as 77 doctors, can be found in 6 different locations- Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Budva, and Skopje. Given the epidemiological situation, there are already announcements for 2 large companies that would organize similar live events with Svjetlost in the coming months.