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​"Good Morning, Croatia" with a visit from the Doctors of the Svjetlost Clinic

In the studio "Good Morning, Croatia", Dr. Ivan Gabrić and Dr. Krešimir Gabrić talked about laser cataract surgery.
Cataract laser surgery is the robotization of medicine in the hands of the best experts. In the studio "Good Morning, Croatia" guests were Dr. Ivan Gabrić and Dr. Krešimir Gabrić from our Clinic Svjetlost, who in cooperation with Johnson & Johnson Vision offers laser cataract surgery.

Companies are developing new materials, new lens designs, providing even better vision conditions, actually approaching the ideal that the patient at any time after the surgery doesn't need glasses.
For more than 4 months, the Clinic Svjetlost in Zagreb has been performing laser cataract surgery instead of the ultrasound method. This is a real revolution in ophthalmology, so far cataract surgeries have been performed using an ultrasound method where the skill of the surgeon has been crucial to the outcome of the procedure. This device made it possible to fully complete all the difficult steps of the operation with a full computer-controlled laser. The patient, in less than 2 minutes on this laser, receives a perfectly precise procedure without any complications. The Johnson & Johnson Vision Catalys device, of which there are only 40 worldwide, performs almost all eye surgery. This quick and easy procedure gives you the opportunity to see, it is the best bet in eye health.