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Lepa Brena has changed her view of the world in Svjetlost Eye Clinic

Lepa Brena has changed her view of the world in Svjetlost Eye Clinic
Lepa Brena watched a movie without wearing glasses after the surgery.
The world-renowned singer from Southeast Europe, Lepa Brena, decided to solve her vision problems at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic, where she was operated by prof. Nikica Gabrić, PhD, MD. By implanting multifocal lenses, the professor has solved Brena's multi-year vision problems on near, medium range and distance vision, so she never has to wear prescription eyeglasses again.

Lepa Brena said on this occasion: "People, I am a new woman who sees great. I was mad not doing this years ago, although I heard of professor Nikica six years ago." 

Lepa Brena, satisfied with the outcome of the surgery adds "I was having a reading problem and I was constantly searching for glasses when I needed something to read or do. I don't need my glasses anymore after the surgery. I'm much more comfortable, the surgery practically improved the quality of my life. The same evening after surgery, I saw a movie without glasses!"  exclaims the popular singer. 

Brena went to the surgery together with her best friend and co-worker Kata Tomovic and they were in support of each other. At the checkup, they both spoke with enthusiasm about the painless operation, which went fast thanks to Professor Gabrić's skills.