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Miss Universe Croatia removed diopter in Eye Clinic Svjetlost

Miss Universe Croatia removed diopter in Eye Clinic Svjetlost
Beautiful Miss Universe Croatia, Ora Antonia Ivanišević had laser vision correction!
For our Miss Universe Croatia, outlook on life completely changed when Assistant Professor Maja Bohač, PhD, MD used Peramis FemtoLASIK method to remove her diopter with the best device in the world, the Schwind Amaris 1050RS.

Through a smile, the beautiful Ora Antonia Ivanišević confessed to Krešimir Gabrić, MD today that we are the generational choice of the Ivanišević family for the quality of vision.

"My mother also had eye surgery at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic about 20 years ago, so I know that I am in the best hands and according to her story, I knew approximately what was waiting for me. It doesn‘t hurt me, and I will wear sunglasses in the house for few days from this afternoon." - Miss Universe Croatia told Jutarnji list.

We want Ora to absorb with her eyes all the beauties of this world, and we wish her tremendous success in the Miss Universe contest!

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