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Neda Ukraden again at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic

Neda Ukraden again at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic
For the second time in her life, the famous singer Neda Ukraden was a patient of Professor Gabrić at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic!
I had laser eye surgery ten years ago and result was excellent eyesight, but like everything over time, it was time to visit Professor Gabrić and his team again. I had surgery last week. This morning I was on eye check, I see over 100% at a distance and near. Professor Gabrić and his team are the best choice for all your vision problems. If you want to look at life with real, sorry, healthy eyes, then Svjetlost Eye Clinic is the best place and the best choice!

More about what our dear Neda said is in a short video bellow!