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​Primarius Igor Žuljan, MD, PhD at the other side of the operational microscope

​Primarius Igor Žuljan, MD, PhD at the other side of the operational microscope
Primarius Igor Žuljan, MD, PhD now has Synergy intraocular lenses in both eyes implanted
Zagreb October 30th, 2020 – Professor Nikica Gabrić, MD, PhD implanted Synergy intraocular lenses to our Primarius Igor Žuljan, MD, PhD.

6 hours after the surgery Primarius Žuljan was able to read 1,0 distance vision and Jager 1+ close vision which are the smallest marks on the chart for sight-testing instruments.
Perfect vision at every distance has become a reality.

Primarius Igor Žuljan, MD, PhD is our exceptional surgeon with over 18.000 cataract surgeries who has shared his view as a patient on the other side of the operational microscope:

"Usage of eyeglasses for close vision to read started to cause difficulties. While being at work at Svjetlost Eye Clinic in Split, over 100 times a day, during the examination with patients I would put glasses on and off. At the time of COVID with a constant mask on they would blur. It was a perpetual situation followed by the panic not to lose spare items. Therefore I have one pair in the car, one at the bedside, another one in the kitchen, and a pair at work. Now, this is completely unnecessary. Surgery besides the anxiety effect which is a completely natural feeling we all have is a completely pain-free experience done in a short time frame. The only disturbance was caused by an operational microscope light that lasted seconds.
During the recovery process, I took a long nap, watched tv, and now I am reading news on my computer. "

Another doctor from Svjetlost Eye Clinic is free from eyeglasses. 

Primarius Igor Žuljan, MD, PhD and Krešimir Gabrić, MD

Professor Nikica Gabrić, MD, PhD with Primarius Igor Žuljan, MD, PhD with the Svjetlost Eye Clinic team
(from left: Antonio Pernjek, scrub nurse,  Antonija Brzović, scrub nurse, Goran Sačer, MD, Primarius Igor Žuljan, MD, PhD,
Professor Nikica Gabrić, MD, PhD, Ivan Gabrić, MD)

* Surgical block has a special system for ventilation and all rules are being fully respected and followed.