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Prof. Dekaris led a course on cataract surgery for Austrian ophthalmologists

Prof. Dekaris led a course on cataract surgery for Austrian ophthalmologists
Medical Director of Svjetlost, prof. Dekaris led a course on cataract surgery for Austrian ophthalmologists in the best-equipped European center for training in Lugano.
Lugano, Switzerland, 10-12 November 2017. - Prof. Dekaris, medical director of the Eye Clinic Svjetlost, led a course on cataract surgery, which the company Alcon organized for young Austrian ophthalmologists. The course was held in the new training center of the European school for advanced studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO) in Swiss Lugano. Professor Dekaris was joined by dr. Adi Pašalić from the Eye Clinic Svjetlost in this study visit to the most modern European training center of this kind.

Around forty participants had the opportunity to hear about the latest scientific and clinical experiences in cataract surgery from professor Dekaris. In the so-called  Wetlab, students were able to acquire surgical skills on animal models (swine eyes) and the most modern operation simulators.  In addition to the course on cataract surgery that led prof. Dekaris, the module included knowledge in the field of intraocular procedures (multifocal lens implantation), corneal sewing and surgery in the rear segment of the eye. 

Surgeons of the Eye Clinic Svjetlost annually perform approximately 2,000 cataract surgeries in Croatia, of which as many as 30% are multifocal lenses or lenses with an extended range of vision. Such percentage of these lenses, which are the pinnacle of technological sophistication and solve patients' need for glasses, put the Eye Clinic Svjetlost among the leading European clinics based on the experience in implantation of multifocal lenses and extended range of vision lenses.

Same as last year, the participants of the course assessed their acquired knowledge very positively and Alcon-ESASO plans to continue the cooperation with the Eye Clinic Svjetlost in organizing future courses.