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Professor Oliver Ehrt, PhD, MD and Professor Ivana Mravičić, PhD, MD

Professor Oliver Ehrt, PhD, MD and Professor Ivana Mravičić, PhD, MD
A course on advanced techniques of strabismus surgery was held at the Special Hospital for Ophthalmology Svjetlost in collaboration with Professor Oliver Ehrt from Ludwigs Maximilian University Clinic, Munich, Germany.
The most complicated strabismus surgeries were performed on the course. Surgeries were performed on patients with nystagmus to correct the forced head position. In cases of paresis and paralysis of the muscles that move the eye, transpositions were performed, that is switching parts of adjacent healthy muscles to the paralyzed muscle to restore mobility and function to the affected muscles and eye and allow patients to see without duplicate images. In cases with changes in the eye muscles themselves that caused limited eye mobility, the muscles were elongated with implants from a specially treated bovine pericardium to allow for better eye position. Normal muscle tendon tissue grows into such implants over time, and the mobility of the damaged muscle improves. The operations were performed on horizontal, vertical and oblique muscles.
Such professional and complicated procedures are performed at the Special Hospital for Ophthalmology Svjetlost with the highest world level of specific knowledge and skills related to strabismus, and we are in these types of procedures alongside the world's best centers. We provide these specific and professional services to patients from all over the region.


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