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Svjetlost Eye Clinic proudly presents another doctor of science!

Svjetlost Eye Clinic proudly presents another doctor of science!
Adi Pašalić, MD, after successfully defending his doctoral dissertation consequently obtained PhD degree. Congratulations!
Zagreb, 21 March 2021 – Adi Pašalić, MD ophthalmologist at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic, has obtained PhD degree after successfully defending a doctoral thesis on “Presbyopia treatment by lens surgery versus Laser in situ keratomileusis” at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb.

Adi Pašalić, MD works on the front segment of the eye, refractive surgery, and cornea diseases. He is specifically specialized in refractive surgery which is proven by more than 10 thousand laser surgeries that he performed in Split, Zagreb, Sarajevo, and Budva up to this point in a career.

This doctorate is proof of excellence for the multiannual academic brilliance and expertise of our doctor.