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Synergy intraocular lens

Synergy intraocular lens
Svjetlost is in the prestige club of 3 ophthalmological clinics in the world that have implanted Johnson & Johnson lens. 
University Eye Hospital Svjetlost is in the prestige club of 3 ophthalmological clinics in the world that have implanted Synergy intraocular lens to cure presbyopia, so-called age-related farsightedness. 
This lens combines two technologies: multifocal with an extended range of vision meaning great eyesight without glasses at every distance and EDOF extended range of vision bringing a better quality of images. Synergy is a novelty in the presbyopia correction on the global scene.

Svjetlost Eye Clinic as a leading Johnson & Johnson partner in Europe

6 years ago Svjetlost Eye Clinic was one of the 9 clinics in Europe for Johnson & Johnson Vision research in order to implement the first lens with an extended range of vision- Symfony.
enables people with presbyopia (age-related farsightedness) to be able to have perfect vision after the surgery, at every distance without wearing glasses. While being cured of dioptre Symfony lens is the solution where a patient will not gain cataract later in life. 

At the beginning of 2019 Svjetlost has started with implantation of new Johnson & Johnson lenses Tecnis Eyhance. This monofocal intraocular lens enables the patient to have good distance vision without glasses usage and beside this feature, it brings good vision at medium range distance (65-90cm). Meaning patients with Tecnic Eyhance lens do not need to wear glasses for driving while watching TV, at the movies or theatre and so on.. Standard, monofocal intraocular lenses available up to this moment grant good sight at the distance but glasses are needed for all other proximities of vision. Positive aspect with Tecnis Eyhance lens is that they can be implanted to all the patients who are treated with cataract while for a lens with an extended range of vision or multifocal lenses there are certain medical parameters needed to be taken into consideration in order to have lenses implanted. 

Due to impressive results with the Symfony and Eyhance lenses implantation, Svjetlost Eye Clinic is one of the first 3 clinics in the world given the opportunity to present patients with a possibility for the procedure of implantation of Synergy lens. Synergy is the newest addition in refractive surgery, thanks to the technology of the extended range of vision for distance and medium range distance with multifocal technology for near vision. For patients it means good sight at every distance, in other worlds life without glasses. 

Over 40.000 surgeries of lens implantation

University Eye Hospital Svjetlost is the leading Clinic in Southeast Europe when it comes to experience in the implantation of multifocal and intraocular lenses. Accordingly, Svjetlost is the leader in refractive surgery with over 20 years of experience. Many famous celebrities have put trust in work of the Svjetlost Eye Clinic with the list of names including Ivana Trump, actors Armand Assante and Franco Nero alongside with 40.000 other patients who successfully had intraocular lens surgery. For excellence in the field of ophthalmology and due to new methods implementing Svjetlost Eye Clinic has won numerous international recognition, one of them being Star Diamond Award from American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.