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The work of our experts has been published in prestigious world magazines dedicated to ophthalmology

The work of our experts has been published in prestigious world magazines dedicated to ophthalmology
Surgical team of the Svjetlost Clinic has published the results of their research in the laser correction of astigmatism in the most prestigious medical journal of the world dedicated to refractive surgery.
Refractive Surgery Team of the Svjetlost Clinic (dr. sc. Maja Bohač Alma Biščević, dr. Mateja Končarević, dr. Marija Antičić and Prof. Nikica Gabrić) after conducting a multi year study have published a study in the most prestigious medical journal for refractive surgery, the “Journal of Refractive Surgery”. The study entitled “A Critical Evaluation of Refractive Outcomes Following LASIK for Moderate to High Astigmatism Using Two Excimer Laser Platforms” was performed in association with Prof. Sudi Patel, who is one of the pioneers in the research of refractive surgery, and a long term collaborate of the Svjetlost Clinic, with whom the Clinic has done various researches and educations in the field of laser diopter correction.

The research team has performed an analysis of the success rates of the laser correction of high degree astigmatism between two leading lasers -WaveLight Allegretto and Schwind Amaris, as well as the impact on the results achieved by applying the technology (laser software) and the characteristics of the eye itself (healing). The results have shown a great level of success of both lasers, the Schwind Amaris laser (currently used in the Svjetlost Clinics in Zagreb and Split) showed a slightly better result and a minimal impact of healing.
A prestigious medical journal “Journal of Refractive Surgery” has been coming out for the last 32 years and it is the official gazette of the world’s largest refractive surgeons' association (International Society of Refractive Surgery-ISRS). Within this journal, research, recensions and evaluations of refractive surgeries are being published, as well as lens operations, and as such, this journal is a world reference point in refractive surgery.