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​With a winning vision to win the Eurovision!

​With a winning vision to win the Eurovision!
From the Svjetlost Eye Clinic, with a new vision, Albina goes to the Eurovision Song Contest.
Albina Grčić will present herself to the world public for the first time at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.
And for the first time with a new vision.

"During the performance under the spotlights, glasses are not the solution, and the lenses are itchy. It makes me really happy to watch, and not to squint, not to be afraid that the lenses will fall out. I look forward to being able to recognize every face in the audience. ” - says Albina who was operated with the music in the background.

At the Svjetlost Eye Clinic Split, Adi Pašalić, MD, PhD performed laser vision correction, a procedure that takes a little longer than a favorite song, and brings incredible satisfaction that lasts.
Thus, Albina's vision was brought to perfection by the FemtoLasik method, a painless procedure that erases diopters.

"First of all, I have to say that the team from Svjetlost Eye Clinic created one very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, which is why I gave myself up to the surgery in the same way. It only took a few seconds; after which I immediately saw the world around me better. Really a painless and pleasant experience, I would recommend it to everyone.”

Tick-Tock and the time has come for a diopter time removal.