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World premiere at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic

World premiere at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic
The action of excellence at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic
On Tuesday, 24th November, the team of the Svjetlost Eye Clinic performed 9 live surgical procedures within 2 hours and were watched by about 1000 ophthalmologists from around the world.

Prof. dr. sc. Nikica Gabric, prof. dr. sc. Lazic, dr. sc. Bohac and dr. Ivan Gabric performed the world premiere of the implantation of the Synergy Toric intraocular lens.

World-renowned expert, prof. dr. sc. Gabric, the first in the world in terms of the number of performed implantations of the Synergy lenses, performed the procedure in incredible 15 minutes for both eyes, working on the most advanced Zeiss microscope.

Dr. Ivan Gabric easily performed cataract surgery with the most modern Femto laser technology on one of only 50 devices in the world and in less than 5 minutes, this advanced procedure on both eyes was done. Dr. sc. Bohac expertly performed Femto LASIK, a laser eye surgery using two Femto lasers, iFS150 and Schwind Amaris 1050RS, the fastest and most accurate laser for vision correction in the world. Prof. dr. sc. Ratimir Lazic performed a complex combined procedure - vitrectomy with the implantation of Eyhance lens using 3D visualization technology in combination with a special scanner to display and accurately find structures in the eye smaller than 1/10 millimeter.

See how this venture of the Svjetlost  Eye Clinic looks like in the video! 


World premiere at the Clinic Svjetlost