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World premiere at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic

World premiere at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic
LIVE SURGERY: Premium technology in cataract and refractive surgery.
Due to the impossibility of holding a congress caused by the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, Johnson & Johnson is hosting a world premiere from the Svjetlost Eye Clinic, LIVE Surgery: PREMIUM TECHNOLOGY IN CATARACT AND REFRACTIVE SURGERY.
From Zagreb to the 40 countries in Central and Southeast Europe, the Middle East and Africa (CEMEA, EMEA), Svjetlost Eye Clinic surgeons lead by Professor Nikica Gabric, PhD, MD,  will present the latest technological research and perform 6 ophthalmological procedures live within 2 hours.

This export of knowledge and skills marks a certificate of quality recognized at the highest level.
Special Hospital for Ophthalmology Svjetlost will be presenting the latest technological achievement, show why we are the number 1 in the world for Synergy intraocular lenses, the first for the installation of Toric lenses. It will be seen what Femto cataract surgery looks like and why laser diopter removal technology is a procedure that will forever change how your eyes see the world around you.


(from left to right: Ivan Gabric, MD, Professor Iva Dekaris, PhD, MD, Professor Nikica Gabric, PhD, MD, Professor Ratimir Lazic, PhD, MD, Maja Bohac, PhD, MD, Kresimir Gabric, MD)