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Our Physicians
Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.
Mirko Ratković, MD

Mirko Ratković, MD

  • Specialist ophthalmologist
  • Department of Retina 
  • Contact: mirko.ratkovic@svjetlost.hr


Doctor Mirko Ratković graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Podgorica, University of Montenegro. From 2013-17 he completed specialization in ophthalmology in the clinic Svjetlost in Zagreb under the mentorship of Professor Iva Dekaris. Since 2015 he is attending postgraduate specialist study in ophthalmology and optometry at the Faculty of medicine in Zagreb.  

Work area

Doctor Ratković is primarily specialized in retina and posterior ocular segment diseases. He performs outpatient treatment of senile macula degeneration, applies an anti-VEGF therapy in wet forms of degeneration (Avastin, Lucentis, Eyle), outpatient treatment of diabetic retinopathy (retinal laser photocoagulation, application of anti-VEGF therapy) and laser photocoagulation of retina in retinal ablation in preventing retinal rupture. 


He is a co-author of several papers in scientific publications and he presented papers at the annual congress of the Croatian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. In 2014, he won the Award of the Foundation of Professor Doctor Ljiljana Zergollern and Krešimir Čupak for the best paper of young ophthalmologists. 

Membership in associations

Regular member of the Croatian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (CSCRS) since 2012. 

Main publications

Use of bevacizuamab (anti-VEGF treatment) in high-risk corneal grafts; Dekaris I, Draca N, RATKOVIC M., Pauk M.; Acta Ophtahlmologica, 2012 Avg.
Efficacy and safety of iris supported phakic lenses (Verisyse) for treating moderately high myopia;Ahmedbegovic Pjano M, Alikadic-Husovic A., Griševic S, Pašalic A, Pidor A, RATKOVIC M, Bohac M, Gabric N, Gojak R; Med Glas (Zenica), 2016. Feb.