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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology Clinic in the Southeastern Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

Krunoslav Kićo Slabinac – singer

When I was at the traffic lights, I had to ask whether it was green or red, it was difficult to read the boards and I read them wrong many times. I did not recognize people in distance, so I greeted them in a row, and they would wonder how I knew them :-) I couldn't take it any longer and in 2014. I decided to get rid of the cataract on my right eye.
The procedure was done by prof. Dekaris.

Already the next day I could read the smallest letters on the cell phone and laptop I never could before and everyone was surprised I could see that without the glasses.  Fear is always present, that's normal, and I hesitated because I'm purblind on the left eye. I only regret not doing the procedure before. When cataract appeared on the left eye also in 2017, I didn't think twice – my choice once again was Svjetlost. Prof. Gabric operated on my eye the day after the examination. The procedure was painless, a few moves during which we talked and joked and it was done.