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Maja Šuput - singer

I've had vision problems for a long time and tried to make my life easier in all possible ways.  I couldn't drive at night; tiny letters on my cell phone, watching on the clock - all was blurry.  I watched movies with a lot of strain, which often caused headaches.
I had laser vision correction in 2007 in another institution in 2007. I was able to see the (even the) smallest letters, which I never could have imagined before. I was more than satisfied with this procedure and would recommend it to everyone. 

However, as I had a specific diopter and I'm among the few who's diopter retracted, I came to Svjetlost Eye Clinic for a new solution. Glasses and lenses are definitely not a good solution for me as I work in nightclubs and discotheques. I managed to use them somehow lately, but I didn't want them to be a lifetime solution.

In consultation with the most professional and very kind staff, I got back the hope to definitively solve diopter problem by implanting the Symfony lens. The whole procedure from appointment to the operation itself went through two examinations and one phone call, and the operation itself was done in one pleasant afternoon when I took a rest from mobile phone and emails.  Everything was done in the minimum (amount of) time, up to 15 minutes per eye, and after two hours of resting in the beautiful hospital apartment, I was already in my own bed.  I have a new vision, finally reading the smallest letters, watching movies, driving a car, all people are beautiful, handsome and nice and I'm very satisfied!  :-)