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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology Clinic in the Southeastern Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

Nives Ivanišević - radio host

I have had a large diopter for years. Been wearing lenses for 25 years, and I have always dreamed of vision correction, but I was too scared. Finally, the decision was to come to the Svjetlost Eye Clinic. They were all so kind, and somehow, I was no longer afraid. Of course, until the day of the procedure, when I was sitting in the waiting room biting my nails. Laser surgery takes 18 seconds. After that, you will see as you never had any problems before. I think this will change the life of anybody who has a diopter. There will be no more of that annoying putting on, taking off lenses. Recovery? The recovery is not difficult. There is a feeling almost like something is slightly irritating your eyes. However, anyone who wears lenses knows that feeling. I think it is not a big problem for those who wear glasses, too. I would recommend laser vision correction to anyone because what you gain after the surgery means much more than just a perfect vision. I am glad I wasn't such a coward.