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University Eye Hospital Svjetlost

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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology Clinic in the Southeastern Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

Vanesa Rola

I was afraid! I was so scared! And then I walked into Svjetlost Eye Clinic.
The fear disappeared without a trace I felt safe, informed of all the steps and above all I felt safe in the most compassionate hands.

First I had an eye examination, on Friday a laser vision correction was performed where I had 50% vision right after the surgery and the next day I had a check-up examination.
The very next morning the difference was amazing, and even more fascinating was the fact that I could see! I was a candidate for the SMART SURFACE method, whose treatment takes a little longer than the most common method - LASIK, but I recovered quickly and, most importantly, it is completely painless.

Now after recovery I can say that laser vision correction was the best decision, and Svjetlost Eye Clinic was the only option.
Each doctor made sure that the examination and surgery took place in a pleasant atmosphere.

And I will never forget when Maja Bohač, MD, PhD told me after the surgery to see what time it was.
After more than 15 years, I could see again, tears of joy started when the doctor gave me the warmest and most sincere hug I needed at that moment.

And that is exactly why I chose Eye Clinic Svjetlost, because I learned from the recommendations of family and friends that not only are they most experienced in this field, but they also do their best for each patient and I can testify to that myself.