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Correction of distortion of the eyelids (ectropion, entropy)

In older people due to the aging changes in the structure of the eyelid margins caused by changes in the muscles their tendons and the surrounding skin sometimes the edge of the eyelid starts to turn in or outwards. Sometimes these changes can be caused by eye injuries as a result of scarring, or after a stroke or similar conditions in the brain as a consequence of an injury of nerves innervating the muscles that moves the eyelid. The surrounding muscles are no longer able to keep the eyelid in correct position fitting correctly with the eyeball. The edge of the eyelids can start turningoutwards (ectropion), causing that the condition when the patient can not close the eye with tears running over the edge of the eye and drying of the cornea and the anterior segment of the eye, or can be turned inwards (entropion) causing the eye lashes to scratch over the anterior eye segment..

, creating the painfull sores on the cornea, which is often the reason for patient to come to the doctor's office. Surgeryis performed under local anesthesia to strengthen the edge of the eyelid and to adjust to the position the eyelid or form new grips for the muscle to return to the eyelid its original form and function. Stitches are removed at the first control, usually one week after the operation, and that is also the time usually necessary for the swelling at the affected area to subside.