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Dysthyroid eye disease

In some cases, patients with thyroid dysfunction have eye problems (redness, tenderness, feeling of pressure, "bulging" look, double vision). These changes occur because of the interaction of the thyroid antibodies with the structures of the eye, primarily muscles and fat tissue in the orbit which leads to fibrotic changes and can cause pushing the eye outward. Changes in the muscles lead to disturbances in the motility of the eye which causes double vision. Besides the subjective complaints and symptoms caused by the illness, such a condition consequently causes changes in the eyes. The most typical changes are bulging of the eyes that apart from the bad aesthetic appearance of the patient may also cause permanent damage to the surface of the anterior eye segment caused by unnatural exposure so the eye dries out due to the inability of normal blinking and eye closure.

Also, the patient may have problems with double vision as a result of changes in the eye muscles. Changes in the muscles cause uncoordinated movement of both eyes so the patient can have double vision.  Ophthlamological treatment is combined with mandatory internal medicine treatment of thyroid disease.. When medications and botox are not helping to improve the status, surgeries on the eyelids and eye muscles can be performed. Such operations are usually performed under local anesthesia. During eyelids surgery we correct shortening and collecting of tissue caused by thyroid hormones disorders. During surgery on eye muscles, strabismus is corrected and the impared motility resulting from the loss of elasticity is improved s. After surgery on the muscles the patient has to use prescribed eye drops and avoid physical exercises and smoky places for several weeks..