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Types of glaucoma

Main types of glaucoma

Pascal laser 1. Open angle glaucoma
Unknown cause. Iridocorneal angle structures through which the aqueous humour goes appear to be normal, but nevertheless the flow of aqueous humour is slowed, it remains in the eye longer than it should which results in increased eye pressure. If left untreated, it compresses and damages the optic nerve.
2 Closed-angle glaucoma
The cause lies in the anatomy of the iridocorneal angle that is narrow or completely closed which makes difficult the outflow of aqueous humor and damages the optic nerve.

3 Infantile (congenital) glaucoma 
It can occur at birth (congenital glaucoma), and between 3-16 years of life (juvenile glaucoma). Often has a worse prognosis than glaucoma that occurs in adults.
4 Secondary glaucoma
glaucomaIt can occur after eye surgery, eye injuries, recurrent complicated inflammation of the eye, long-term use of corticosteroids, systemic diseases such as diabetes or cataracts.