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Laser cataract surgery

Cataract laser surgery is the new gold standard for cataract surgery, providing a less invasive, more individualized operation with precision greater than the traditional technique.
The operation is performed by a CATALYS Precision Laser System device developed in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Vision.
Advanced technology creates a 3D unique map of the eye and lens and personalizes the treatment to the specifications of the map. Its purpose is purely cataract surgery, and it has a special "Liquid Optic Interface" which physically does not press the eye but works through a special fluid.

Unique on the market for cataract laser surgery with lens implantation!

The benefits of cataract laser surgery:

• A personalized approach to each operation
• Computer-driven operating flow
• High precision, accuracy and reproducibility of the procedure
• Less invasive surgery and trauma to the eye

Catalys Precision Laser System in the Clinic Svjetlost