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Manifested by blurred vision, loss of contrast and irritation in exposure to strong light. Affected patients may encounter amongst other symptoms also double vision, frequently problems with reading occur as well as with watching TV and driving. Cataract may be the result of a trauma, metabolic diseases (diabetes, galactosemia), administration of drugs (corticosteroids), but can also occur as a complication of other eye diseases (uveitis, glaucoma), as it can also occur as a result of certain syndromes (eg. Down's syndrome).

ZEISS IOL MASTER 5000 To clear the blurring after cataract surgery, except for the removal of cataracts is necessary to incorporate an intraocular lens. The exact calculation of the diopter of the intraocular lens is essential for sharp postoperative vision, therefore we use the most modern computer device called "IOL Master" for the exact calculation of the strength of the lens.