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Fifteen minutes after the surgery the patient is discharged and should avoid any physical efforts. The first examination is performed the next day, after which the bandage is removed from the eye, the follow-up is performed after 7 days and a month later when determining the type of glasses, if necessary. The patient can return to work and normal everyday life activities after only a couple of days after the operation. It is necessary to take prescribed medication (antibiotic / corticosteroid drops and ointment), it is forbidden to wash the face with tap water during the first three days, also avoid rubbing the eye, excessive bending and heavy lifting during the first month. You can start exercise and similar activities 2-3 weeks after the surgery, depending on your age and the intensity of exercise.

Thanks to advances in technology and the design of intraocular lenses, cataract surgery today is, if performed by a skilled surgeon, a very efficient, safe, fast and painless surgery after which the patient can normally continue with their daily activities in 3-5 days.