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Mandatory child's examination

Children's eye examination - a necessary step for the proper development of vision

Children's eye examination is one of the most important examination that should be done up to the age of four. The intensive development of vision lasts until the end of six years of age; since the plasticity of the eye and brain is more intensive in younger children a child is never too young for eye examination. During the vision development, disorders must be treated in order to allow normal development of child's eyes and vision.

Alma Biščević If disorders are not detected in time, the results of treatment in older children are much less successful. Examination is adjusted to the age of the child and is not painful. In the clinic Svjetlost, subspecialists of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismology are carrying out the examination using the most modern equipment, through which children are entertained and educated.

Among the most common eye diseases that must be treated in childhood are strabismus, lazy eye, (amblyopia), children's cataract, nystagmus (wobbly eyes). If surgical treatment is necessary, the clinic Svjetlost offers the possibility of a accommodation for children and their parents. All kinds of examinations and procedures are performed in the shortest possible time, without waiting lists.