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Examination for strabismus

The examination for strabismus includes full eye examination consisting of the assessment of visual acuity, determination of the diopter on automatic computer refractometer, eye pressure check(measurement of intraocular pressure ), anterior eyesegment examination on a slit-lamp, tear film assessment (Schirmer test), then the pupils are widened to examine the optic nerve and retina and establish the objective diopter.

Examination for strabismus includes establishingthe orthoptic status. Examination has to be done for children and the patients with strabismus. Performingthe orthoptic status is used to check the position and adequate mobility as well as cooperation between both eyes. In this part, the type of strabismus is determinedand the the deviation angleis measured. Angle of squinting is measured by prisms in the prism diopters (PD). It needs to be measured at near and far distance and in all gaze directions.

Pregled strabizma The mobility of the eye is checked for each eye separately (duction) as well as coordinated movement of both eyes (versions and vergencies). The following step is assessing the degree of binocular vision (proper cooperation of both eyes with creating a stereo image - Bagolini test, Titmus test, Lang test).

Stereotestovi dječji When necessary, testing for double vision is performed. The measurement of accommodation (adjustment of the eyes fornear vision) is also conducted when the strabismus surgery is required, simulation and check of the planned eye position is simulated before the planned surgery