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Surgery and recovery

Surgeries on children's eyes are performed under general anesthesia. A child should arriv for surgery after the recommended period without eating and drinking with laboratory tests that are necessary for general anesthesia. Before the procedure, the anesthesiologist talks to the parents about the general health of the child, history of other diseases and goes through laboratory results. Only after being examined by an anesthesiologist, the child is ready for the procedure. 

Can parents accompany child during hospital postoperative recovery?

After surgery, a parent stays with the child in a hospital room. Depending on the type of surgery,the child remains in the clinic until next day, or can leave in few hours, in both cases a parent stays with  thechild

How does postoperative care of childlook like?

In the most cases after the surgery, the child have to wear a bandage over the operated eye. The parents should pay special attention that  the child does not remove the bandage  or rub the eye.. During recovery, the child needs to put eye drops in the operated eye for a recommended period of time depending of the type of the surgery.. The parents should take special care that the prescribed therapy is applied directly in the eye.

How frequent are follow-up visits after the surgery?

The first follow-up  is usually scheduled the day after the surgery, and following visits depend on the type of surgery. Usually they are performed in intervals of one to two weeks after surgery.