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Fast, safe and painless path to perfect vision

Laser vision correction refers to procedures performed by laser cornea remodeling (transparent front part of the eye) with the purpose of removing or decreasing the diopter value, eliminating optical aids and improving visual acuity. Today there are several methods of vision correction, and the basic division is based on the depth of the cornea at which the operation is performed (the surface of the cornea -PRK, middle of the cornea - LASIK).  

Fast, safe and painless path to perfect vision 

SCHWIND SIRIUS Corneal Wavefront Analyzer Nowadays all types of operations are fully computer-controlled by precise software programs. Modern lasers can remove one diopter value in less than 2 seconds. Systems used for tracking the eye of a patient during the operation (tracker) allow a precise delivery of the laser beam to an exact place regardless of the micromovements of the patient's eye during the laser procedure. Because of the perfect precision and fast software systems all of the procedures performed today are 99% safe. The selection of the method nowadays depends solely on the characteristics of the eye, the value of the diopter and the lifestyle of the patient.

Modern lasers can correct diopter values from -10.0 to +6.0 as well as ±6.0 astigmatism diopter value, which means that circa 95% of people are candidates for surgery. People with diopter values higher than those stated above, also have a solution for vision correction by implantation of the most sophisticated lenses into the eyes with equally good results, and in some cases even better results than laser vision correction.