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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

SmartSight Method®

SmartSight is the commercial name for the 3rd generation of laser diopter removal (lenticular surgery) created by SCHWIND Eye Tech Solutions.
It is performed on the newest and most advanced ATOS laser for refractive surgery, done in cooperation with Svjetlost Eye Clinic. 

1. The minimally invasive procedure
2. The safest method
3. The lowest risk of developing dry eye
4. Good vision after the procedure, and excellent after 24 hours
5. Without restrictions you can enjoy activities the very next day
More than 10 years ago, Svjetlost Eye Clinic performed SMILE procedure on the Zeiss VisuMax500, but unfortunately, because VisuMax did not have a built-in eye control and tracking system, given results were good for patients who did not have astigmatism, but they were not excellent.
In 2020, Svjetlost received an offer to participate in the development of a new laser coming from German company SCHWIND Eye Tech Solutions, which has been a partner of the Clinic for more than 12 years for lasers for laser diopter removal using the PRK and LASIK method (1st and 2nd generation laser diopter removal).
It is about development of the ATOS laser, which is minimally invasive lenticule extraction and flap creation with a single device for the 3rd generation of laser diopter removal.

Assistant professor Maja Bohac, PhD, MD performed first Smart Sight ® procedure in Europe.
Following Svjetlost Eye Clinic lead, this procedure is currently available at 70 clinics worldwide.

SmartSight procedure have been actively performed for two and a half years at Svjetlost Eye Clinic with excellent results.
We have contributed with over 600 comments, remarks and instructions on how to improve the laser and the procedure, leading to status of "Reference center and development center for the Schwind Eye Solutions company".
Schwind employees and other doctors around the world are regularly coming to Zagreb to the Svjetlost for training so that their results can match those from Svjetlost. This means that our patients have access to the newest protocols, as well as the best devices. But what makes the team even happier is that we actively participate in the development of a devices and our contribution is embedded in every patient undergoing this procedure.

There are only 5 lasers on the market that perform the lenticular extraction method:
1. Schwind Atos (Smart Sight®)
2. Johnson & Johnson Elite (SILK®)
3. Zeiss VisuMax 800 (SMILE PRO®)
4. Zeiss VisuMax 500 (SMILE®)
5. Ziemer Z8 (CLEAR®)
25 years of expertise, excellence, knowledge and experience was also recognized by another company from the list, which in September 2022 entrusted the development of its "Elita" laser, making us one of only 5 clinics in the world that received this opportunity, and Ivan Gabric, MD became first surgeon in the world to perform a low-energy SILK® procedure at Elita.

Lenticular surgery as the 3rd generation of laser removal is becoming the gold standard and the future of laser diopter removal.