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Specialized therapeutic methods

Laser vision correction - the treatment of scars and higher order aberrations

Specijalizirane terapeutske metode In addition to vision correction, laser technology is also used to treat parts of the scars and corneal dystrophy.  The most common method for treating these kinds of diseases is PTK (phototherapeutic keratectomy) which remodels the surface of the cornea (transparent front part of the eye) in order to remove part of the blur and reduce irregularities that decrease quality of vision. After the procedure, medications like mitomycin are often used. Those medications further enhance the clearing of cornea and control healing in order to maintain the desired result.

There are also various types of guided treatments conducted over the surface of the cornea or the entire optics of the eye, and are most commonly used in people who have had some kind of eye surgery 10 or more years ago. Guided treatments are performed in order to further improve the results obtained by then technology.

Also, nowadays it is possible for people with keratoconus to correct part of the irregularities with a laser, after which crosslinking is usually performed in order to stabilize the results and prevent further disease progression. Even more common, for people with keratoconus is to perform crosslinking in order to halt disease progression, and a few months later after the stabilization of the results, phakic Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) lenses implantation is performed. Those combined procedures are performed in order to completely remove or reduce the dependence on glasses and contact lenses for such patients.