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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.


Service Price
Examination by plastic surgeon 500,00 HRK
Follow-up examination by plastic surgeon 250,00 HRK
Botox applications 2,500.00 HRK
Dacryocystorhinostomy 10,000.00 HRK
Dermoid cyst surgery 6,000.00 HRK
Dermoid cyst surgery - orbital 10,000.00 HRK
Surgery of ectropion (outward turning of eyelids) 4,000.00 HRK
Surgery of entropion (inward turning of eyelids) 4,000.00 HRK
Enucleation of the eye 10,000.00 HRK
Evisceration of the eye 10,000.00 HRK
Sty surgery 750,00 HRK
Conjunctivoplasty 4,000.00 HRK
The surgery on the eyelids - a small intervention 500,00 HRK
The surgery to remove a tumor of the conjuctiva 3,000.00 HRK
The surgery to remove a tumor on the conjuctivaand a reconstruction of the conjuctiva 6,000.00 HRK
The surgery to remove a tumor on the eyelid 6,000.00 HRK
The surgery of  drooping eyelids (ptosis) 7,000.00 HRK
The surgery of the watery bag 3,000.00 HRK
The surgery of the conjunctiva and cornea 4,000.00 HRK
The operation of removing fat deposits on the skin of eyelids (xanthelasma) 2,000.00 HRK
Surgical correction of the eyelids - blepharoplasty 4,000.00 HRK
Irrigation of tear ducts 200,00 HRK
Probing and irrigation  4,000.00 HRK
Probing of tear ducts and insertion of silicone tubes 5,500.000 HRK
Installation of silicone implants 10,000.00 HRK
Pathohistological analysis of tissue PHD) 500,00 HRK
Ultrasound of the eye and orbit and biometrics 200,00 HRK

Doctor Ivana Mravičić, PhD

Surgeon Strabolog
Plastic Surgery