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Children and Strabismus

1. Why is sciascopy done in children and is it necessary for examination?

Sciascopy is a blockage of muscles to determine the correct dioptre of a child. The accommodation of the child is very high, and a sciascopy is necessary to determine the correct dioptre.

2. What is the age limit for 1st child examination?

There is no age limit for child screening. If a parent notices changes, it is never too early for a paediatric ophthalmic examination. A mandatory examination of a child required by law is by 4 years of age to successfully eliminate any irregularities.

3. Are plastic surgeries performed surgically or with laser?

Plastic surgery is performed surgically. 

4. Does the child need to know how to read for review?

The child does not have to read. There are pictures made by the same regulations as letters for adults for pre-schoolers.

5. How old must a child be in order to have tear ducts probed?

In 95% of children tear ducts are opened by massaging up to the first year. During the 2nd year of life, if the tear ducts do not open, it is necessary to probe.

6. Can nystagmus be operated on?

Nystagmus cannot be cured but in people with a minus position (zero zone) surgery can be performed and helped with.

7. Can strabismus be operated multiple times?

Strabismus can be operated multiple times.

8. If I have strabismus, can I remove dioptre?

Yes, you just have to go through both examinations.