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Presbyopia Correction

1. What is reading dioptre?

The aging process, usually after the age of 40, inevitably leads to a weakening of the strength of the ciliary muscles that flex our lens when looking at close range. Our natural lens in the eye works like a camera focus. The aging process also affects the eye and lens becomes more rigid and the muscles responsible for flexing it and thus sharpening the image at close range perform their function harder. The symptoms of presbyopia are recognized by the removal of the object so that we can see clearly, so it can be said that it occurred when "our hands are getting shorter". Presbyopia progresses to about the age of 60 and in most people leads to the need for plus 3 dioptres to read. The reading and other dioptres can be removed by replacing the ophthalmic lens, i.e. by installing intraocular lenses (multifocal or enlarged vision lenses).

2. Can I exercise after installing the lens?

Light exercises such as treadmill and stationary bike can be started 2-3 weeks after the procedure but sweat leakage should be prevented from entering the eyes with straps or dress shield. Also, you should avoid sea, and can swim again in the pool after a month. Gym and contact sports can be started a month after the procedure.

3. Can I fly in a plane a day after surgery?

The day after surgery you can fly an airplane. This rule applies on all surgeries, except in the case of more complex eye surgery involving gas.

4. Until when is my eye closed after cataract surgery?

The eye is usually closed until you arrive home after the cataract surgery. If both eyes are operated, a protective lens in put on the eyes and they aren’t closed at all.