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Diabetes and Retina Surgery

1. Why do patients with high diopter have to have a retinological examination?

High diopter means that the eye is larger and the internal structures of the eye are tighter. Therefore, the risk of retinal changes is higher (peripheral degeneration, myomic macular changes, risk of ablation ..) Hence, it is recommended to perform a retinological examination at high diopter.

2. Why is OCT performed as part of a retinological examination?

OCT is a laser layered retinal and head of the optic nerve recording and gives retinologists a clear picture of the condition of the background of the eye and eventual changes.

3. What are the expected results of Anti-vgf therapy?

The results of anti-vegf therapy differ depending on what the therapy is given for and what disease is being treated. In any case, the goal is to stop the visual impairment.

4. Can vision cameras be fitted in the eye? The bionic eye?

The installation is in the experimental phase and is being implemented in the UK and USA.  

5. How is retinitis pigmetosa treated?

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a genetic disease of the retina where cells responsible for vision fail. We treat retinitis pigmetosa with vitamin A to ensure better vision and quality of life.