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Diagnostic and technology

Corneal topographer OCULUS Pentacam HR

OCULUS Pentacam HR - corneal topographer captures topography, i.e., the front and back surface of the cornea. In digital form it shows the real corneal topography as well as mathematical models that indicate the existence/non-existence of deviations from a perfectly healthy cornea. In addition to corneal topography, both topographers automatically map higher order aberrations of the cornea and present and analyzes the image of the entire anterior segment of the eye (anterior chamber, pupil, iris, lens thickness). Pentacam HR is considered the gold standard (reference device) to the topography of the cornea and in a few seconds it makes 100 images of the cornea, with 138,000 processed points in only 2 seconds.

Pentacam HR uredjaj za 3D roznicnu topografiju

How is the examination performed?

The examination is performed in the manner that the patient is comfortably positioned directly in front of the camera, lays his head on the designated place and follows the instructions of the person who performs the imaging of the examination.

Is the examination painless?

The examination is completely painless because there is no contact between the device and the patient's eye, it is only important that the patient follows the instructions and looks exactly in the given direction. 

How long does the recording last?

The recording only takes a few minutes: several records of each eye for better comparisons and analysis are usually made. 

Optical coherence tomography of the anterior ocular segment

Optical coherence tomography of the anterior ocular segment - OCT Visante

Prednja opticka koherentna tomografija oct Pretraga na uređaju OCT Visante je nekontaktna, posebno korisna u planiranju kirurških zahvata Examination on the OCT Visante device is a non contact examination, especially useful in the planning of surgical interventions in the anterior ocular segment as well as the follow-up of the success after surgery.  The device provides high-resolution images. OCT technology can be used to record the anterior and the posterior ocular segment, but it depends on the length of light waves. The specificity of the test is optimal for recording the front of the eye with 1310 nm while for the back of the eye it is reduced to 820 nm. Visante is excellent for the evaluation of the cornea (thickness, LASIK flaps, incision, dystrophy, scars, etc.) then the capture of the iris, eye angle and position of intraocular lens.
The examination is performed in the same manner as in the Pentacam, it is painless and takes a few minutes.