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Examinations for contact lenses

In Clinic Svjetlost every day we perform examinations for contact lenses. When scheduling your appointment, it is good to emphasize that the examination is for the purposes of wearing contact lenses because this way the patient can be referred to our ophthalmologists who specialize in administering contact lenses. Also at the day of the examination it is good to bring all of the previous medical reports from eye examinations and the old glasses or contact lenses if the patient has any.

Also when scheduling the appointment it is important to emphasize that the patient has already worn or still wears contact lenses and what type of lenses (soft, semi-hard or hard). If the patient has semi-hard or soft lenses it will be necessary to stop wearing contact lenses for a few days before the examination because wearing lenses can affect the accuracy of the report for the prescription of new contact lenses. It is recommended that semi-hard lenses are removed as many days prior to the examination as the number of years the patient has been wearing them while soft contact lenses should be removed three full days before the examination.

In addition to the general ophthalmologic examination during the examination for contact lenses it is specifically determined the curvature of the cornea and the quality of the tear film and trial contact lenses are placed to ease the choice of the optimum lenses for the patient's prescription diopter and any specific needs.

In addition to the usual examination of contact lenses, we also prescribe special contact lenses for keratoconus as well as cosmetic contact lenses.