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University Eye Hospital Svjetlost

The official contact details of the Data Protection Officer: voditelj@svjetlost.hr
Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

Diagnostics and technology

Biomikroskop autotonometar autorefraktometar keratometar All our units dispose of modern equipment with consoles and automatic chairs for patients as well as slit-lamps for examination of the eye under magnification.

Biomikroskop uredjaj za pregled detalja oka Each unit has computerized keratorefractometers which read the patient's diopter. It is further tested in a reading test which includes reading at a certain distance while using trial rims and lenses of various diopters. In each unit there are standardized digital tables for testing distance and near visual acuity.

Auto refraktometar For 6 years our medical data have been kept in a computerized form on a server and are available to the doctor from every unit in any of our centres. A patient can get a copy of the medical data which they lack. Visual data is also stored in digital form.

All our waiting rooms are spacious and furnished with comfortable armchairs and devices for soft drinks and toilet facilities whose cleanliness is checked every hour. On each floor there is an information desk with an employee who patients can turn to if they have any further questions.