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General medical examination as part of treatment for systemic diseases

The medical examination of the eyes can be lead to diagnoses or assist in the diagnosis of many systemic diseases. Very often medical doctors specialist in different fields such as internists, cardiologists, diabetologists, neurologists or family doctors in the treatment of their diseases also seek ophthalmological examination, this request has dual reasons. Firstly, the examination of the eyes and in particular of the fundus can determine the general condition of blood vessels of the body in arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes or cerebrovascular diseases. The eye doctor within his findings will describe to his fellow internists, neurologists or diabetologists, the condition of blood vessels and will help in the assessment of the duration of high blood pressure, diabetes or a condition of sclerosis of blood vessels. During the follow ups of eye examinations it can be determined progress or the general improvement in the overall status of the patient.

Secondly, internists, neurologists or a diabetes specialists knowing that some systemic diseases can damage the eye as an organ such as in diabetic patients, send their patients who have trouble in vision to go for preventive examinations to determine if any damage to the eye has occurred as part of systemic disease.