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University Eye Hospital Svjetlost

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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

General eye examination

In the Clinic Svjetlost every day we perform general ophthalmological examinations. Basic eye examination consists of determining visual acuity with prescription of diopter for close and distant vision, the measurement of intraocular pressure, review of the anterior segment of the eye under the biomicroscope (eyelids, joints, cornea, anterior eye chambers, pupil and lens) and the dilatation of pupils with an overview of the posterior segment of eye - fundus (vitreous, optic nerve, retina and blood vessels).

If the eye is healthy and has only diopter the patient can be administered any glasses both for far and close vision, as well as progressive glasses.

If during the review any eye disease is detected (inflammation, cataract, dry eye, problems with the eyelids, yellow spot disease diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma) then the patient is administered the required therapy or the patient is instructed to conduct additional tests and referred to a subspecialists ophthalmologist who specialized in the specific problem.

General eye examination on average lasts about an hour, if no additional examinations and tests are required. Due to the expansion of the pupil a few hours after the examination the vision may be slightly blurred and in that time it is not recommended to drive any vehicles.