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University Eye Hospital Svjetlost

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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.


Services Price
Examination for corneal transplantation 150,00 €
Penetrating corneal transplantation 4.000,00 €  
Lamellar corneal transplantation 3.700,00 €
Examination for Cornea Lux 150,00 € 
Corneal treatment (Cornea Lux) 2.220,00 €  
Setting-up corneal suture  300,00 € 
Removing corneal suture 100,00 € 
Replacing therapeutic lens 20,00 € 
Phototherapy of structure abnormalities of the cornea (Crosslinking) 900,00 €
Avedro Crosslinking 1.000,00 €
Phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK) 1.000,00 €
Autologous limbal stem cell transplantation (LCAT) 1.100,00 €
Amniotic membrane transplantation (TAM) 500,00 € 
Amniotic membrane transplantation + LCAT 1.400,00 € 
Operation of pterygium (external cataracts) 450,00 €
Operation of pterygium + limbal stem cell transplantation (LCAT) 1.500,00 €
Surgical treatment of a perforating eye injury  1.500,00 €
Application of EDTA 80,00 €
Use of injections of dexamethasone + ANTI-VEGF drug 100,00 € 
Corneal topography 30,00 € 
OCT Visante  - optical coherence tomography of the anterior segment 90,00 € 
Pachymetry 30,00 € 
Endothelial microscopy 30,00 € 
A smear of cornea for detection of Acanthamoeba (PCR) 50,00 €
A smear of cornea to detect Herpes infection 80,00 € 
A smear of cornea to detect bacteria and fungi 30,00 € 
Eye swab - chlamydia 50,00 € 

Payments can be in cash and/or by credit cards.
We accept every credit card in one installment.

Payment in more installments is possible for amounts higher than 130,00 € and up to 12 installments without interest fee for the following types of cards:
  • from Zagrebačka banka: Visa, Maestro and Mastercard 
  • from Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ): VISA, Maestro
  • from Erste banka: Visa, Maestro and Mastercard 

For Diners card users we are offering payment in installments:
  • For amounts from 130,00  to 660,00  up to 12 installments without interest fee
  • From amount above 660,00  up to 24 installments 
It is kindly advised to pay attention to the daily limit.

Patients coming from abroad cannot pay in installments.

Note: The prices of the procedure are expressed per eye.

Payment in more installments is solely applied for credit cards issued in Republic of Croatia. 
Price list is valid from December 31st 2022
Currency  €/kn: 7,53450