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Our Physicians
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Maja Pauk Gulić, MD, PhD

Maja Pauk Gulić, MD, PhD

  • Specialist ophthalmologist
  • Department of Cornea and Refractive Surgery
  • Contact: maja.pauk@svjetlost.hr


Doctor Pauk Gulić graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Split and completed the specialization in ophthalmology at the clinic Svjetlost in Zagreb under the mentorship of the Professor Iva Dekaris.

Regarding the scientific education, Doctor Pauk Gulić completed the postgraduate study in the field of Biomedicine and Health at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb. In 2018 she gained PhD on the following topic: Role of pro-angiogenic cytokines and their receptors in the occurrence of neovascularization in transplanted corneal.  

Work area

The primary areas of ​​work of Doctor Pauk Gulić are anterior ocular segment diseases, primarily cornea diseases. Daily activities include diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in patients before and after the cornea transplantation.
She performs laser vision correction with PRK and LASIK method. 

Membership in associations

  • Member of European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery - ESCRS
  • Member of Croatian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery - CSCRS
  • Member of South East European Ophthalmological Society
  • Member of EEBA - European Eye Bank Association 

Honors and awards 

Award of the Foundation of Professor Doctor Ljiljana Zergollern and Kresimir Čupak for best paper of young ophthalmologists at the annual congress CSCRS in Dubrovnik in 2013, entitled Use of anti-VEGF (bevacizumab) after penetrating keratoplasty for herpetic keratitis.

The award for the paper: Corneal transplantation in patients with keratoconus; Istanbul 2011, European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS). 

The award for the paper: Amniotic membrane transplantation in the treatment of persistent epithelial defect on the corneal graft. Sidges 2010, European Eye Bank Association (EEBA). 

Publications and research

She has published 6 articles indexed in CC mainly related to corneal transplantation. She also participated in writing chapters in the book Ophthalmology; selected chapters and review of interesting cases (2015).  

Main publications

  • Pauk-Gulić M, Gabrić N, Biščević A, Pašalić A, Dekaris I. Successful Treatment of Postkeratoplasty Fungal Keratitis with Topical and Intrastromal Voriconazole. J Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2015; 6: 393 
  • Dekaris I, Gabrić N, Drača N, Pauk-Gulić M, Miličić N. Three-Year Corneal Graft Survival Rate in High-Risk Cases Treated with Subconjunctival and Topical bevacizumab“, Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2015; 253:287-294.
  • Tominac Trcin M,Dekaris I, Mijović B, Bujić M, Zdraveva E, Dolenec T, Pauk-Gulić M, Primorac D, Crnjac J, Špoljarić B, Mršić G, Kuna K, Špoljarić D, Popović M. Synthetic vs natural scaffolds for human limbal stem cells.
  • Dekaris I, Gabrić N, Pauk M, Drača N. Positive pressure during penetrating keratoplasty can be solved with a modified graft-over-host technique. Acta Ophthalmol. 2013; Feb 7. doi: 10.1111/aos.12085.
  • Dekaris I, Pauk M, Drača N, Pašalić A, Gabrić. Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty – Is a Thinner Donor Lamella the Better Choice? J. Transplant. Technol. Res. 2012; S2:004. doi:10.4172/2161-0991. 
  • Dekaris I, Gabrić N, Pauk M, Drača N, Mravičić I, Barišić A. Penetrating keratoplasty in patients with keratoconus. Medicina Flumin. 2011; 47(1):67-73
  • Drača N, Čović A, Pauk M, Pašalić A, Dekaris I. 1-year follow-up study of endothelial cell density loss after penetrating keratoplasty. Coll. Antropol. 9/2011;Suppl.2:11-4.
  • Dekaris I, Mravičić I, Barišić A, Drača N, Pauk M. Amniotic Membrane Transplatation in the Treatment of Persistent Epithelial Defect on the Corneal Graft. Coll. Antropol. 34, 2010;Suppl.2:15-19.
  • Dekaris I, Gabrić N, Barišić A, Mravičić I, Pauk M, Antičić M. Penetrating Keratoplasty and Verisyse Iris-Claw Lens –is it Safe for Corneal Graft?. Coll. Antropol. 34. 2010;Suppl.2:73-77.